In todays Podcast we are going to focus how we bring leadership to our families - focusing on how to maximize the potential of our children. 
I speak to Jake Aliker ( who has developed a program which is focused on building a high performance team around your teenager or teenagers to maximise their potential and creating an edge. A sub-text would be - why parents don’t get enough credit. This program is also focused on growing and maintaining the lifelong bond between parent and child.
You may recognise Jake from a hit Netflix Series - F1 Drive to Survive where he can be seen on the pit wall and mentoring Max VerStappen. Jake had worked for Red Bull as Max Verstappens personal trainer and coach from when Max was 16. He has now taken on an additional 6 young Drivers of GP elite who compete in the Porsche Supercup as well as other work with families with kids who are high profile but also whose aims are a little more modest.
See link to youtube video of crash discussed
Jake has taken this experience, and experience of others, to create a system to help families with a focus on mental resilience and communication tools. Meditation and contemplation being an important part of the practical implementation of this. 
The purpose of this podcast is to provide a brief introduction to Jake and the topic including the 3 Pillars he has developed -
+ Mindset, 
+ Communication
+  Expression
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