We are beginning this year with a bang! diving straight head-on with insightful and provocative sessions with our Thought Leaders!

We are starting off with our first session with Anna Caplice - International Rugby Player.

Anna is currently a back-row player for Harlequins in the UK but also plays for the Irish national team. Anna has 14 caps for Ireland and hopefully has many more to come. Juggling her time between playing rugby and teaching, Anna is a leader in women’s rugby.

In this session, we discussed building mental resilience and overcoming challenges, which is more pertinent now more than ever. As an athlete, Anna has had to overcome mental and physical challenges and still manages to come out on top.

Besides topics surrounding mental resilience, we also hope to just talked about the women’s rugby game in general and female athleticism.

Session hosted and moderated by Hannah Sheehy.

Some of you guys know that in the last two years I have started to explore a journey in meditation. This was initiated by a meeting with Fr Laurence Freeman.
Fr Laurence’s non-denominational approach to meditation has garnered him many admirers particularly within the financial community. He has promoted the concept of contemplative leadership in business. In fact he has designed a programme on meditation which is thought on the MBA course at Georgetown University.
I was very grateful that when I asked Fr Laurence to do a webinar, he agreed. 
The session went off brilliantly and the Video version - which includes a meditation practice can be found at 
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Over the last few weeks we have done a number of live interactive webinars. Please find link to one we did with Frazer McArdell and Dan Norton - Moderated by Hannah Sheehy. This was entitled - How to be an Olympian. It was very enjoyable 


This podcast is a review of this session by my 13 year old daughter Molly Sheehy. Some great insights. Please listen.

Please contact us at podcast@innerleadership.global with any comments or requests.  


This is a very short catch up podcast. I just wanted to share with you some things I learnt over the last 2 weeks working with Jake Aliker. 

I wanted to share my personal favourite take aways and life hacks.

First and foremost

‘there is NO substitute for work and preparation’

Whether you have prepared or not, there are some things you can do last minute to boost your performance before a meeting, exam or even a dinner party.

1) 40 mins hard exercise 1hr before you are ‘on’ helps recall

2) A shot of expresso followed by 20min nap/meditation makes u sharp - the coffee will jolt you at the 20 min mark

3) 5 mins Box Breathing reduces anxiety and makes u sharp - better than the cold shower alternative

On a ‘self’ level we all have an inner voice, an ego, which was formed when we were 7-9 years old. It talks to us and persuaded us to act in ‘less mature ways’, identify this voice and reduce its power. Make it speak in different ways. It will give you back control.

This is only 10pc of what I learnt from Jake. It’s what I took from our discussions. But there are many more. I can (and have) act on the above personally and has been a revelation.

I am looking to make incremental changes and the above are easy to adopt.

I recommend to listen to the previous podcasts with Jake and Box Breathing and watch the recording of our live webinar at 


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Further to Jake's recommendation in the last podcast we have prepared a 5 minute guided Box Breathing narrated by Hannah. 


This can be used before and after an activity to heighten performance and concentration as well as being a powerful stress reliever. 

Hannah counts the timing so you can clear your mind. Bookmark and use often.


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In todays Podcast we are going to focus how we bring leadership to our families - focusing on how to maximize the potential of our children. 
I speak to Jake Aliker (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jake-aliker-ab816a43/?originalSubdomain=ch) who has developed a program which is focused on building a high performance team around your teenager or teenagers to maximise their potential and creating an edge. A sub-text would be - why parents don’t get enough credit. This program is also focused on growing and maintaining the lifelong bond between parent and child.
You may recognise Jake from a hit Netflix Series - F1 Drive to Survive where he can be seen on the pit wall and mentoring Max VerStappen. Jake had worked for Red Bull as Max Verstappens personal trainer and coach from when Max was 16. He has now taken on an additional 6 young Drivers of GP elite who compete in the Porsche Supercup as well as other work with families with kids who are high profile but also whose aims are a little more modest.
See link to youtube video of crash discussed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkUVOvU7M20
Jake has taken this experience, and experience of others, to create a system to help families with a focus on mental resilience and communication tools. Meditation and contemplation being an important part of the practical implementation of this. 
The purpose of this podcast is to provide a brief introduction to Jake and the topic including the 3 Pillars he has developed -
+ Mindset, 
+ Communication
+  Expression
Please watch our recorded live Webinar (apologise for the visuals) at 
If having difficulty email me at the address below. 
But if you are watching this too late and want to hear more please just send us an
Email at podcast@innerleadership.global and we will get back to you. 

This episode is a little different. I have reproduced a podcast by my daughter Hannah, who interviews Jacqueline Poh from the Singapore PM's office on many things including COVID 19

More from Hannah at her website 






In the Webinar in the last podcast there was a Guided Meditation. I have pulled it out as a standalone so you can use this as a resource. Note if you want a longer one I suggest play at 1/2 speed. 😍





Todays podcast is a little different. It is longer ☺️and is a recording of a live Webinar which was held by Inner Leadership in conjunction with 1880 Club here in Singapore. It includes a guided meditation as well as a discussion between Ng Yi Xian and Navin Amarasuriya on their meditative practices and journeys. 

Description: What does it mean to look within in the workplace? What are the tools that inspire deeper connections? Explore how meditation and other contemplative approaches can be applied in a Singaporean workplace. Each speaker has his own mindfulness practice and is exploring ways of sharing it with their organisation.

Webinar Speakers

Navin Amarasuriya
Navin Amarasuriya represents the fifth-generation ownership at the B.P. de Silva Group, established in Singapore in 1872. After 7 years of running operations for the luxury goods brand Risis, he has decided to explore the world of education to understand how deeper learning can address the challenges that we collectively face. Navin holds a BSc in Business Management from the University of Manchester (U.K.), and a Diploma in Animation from Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore) where he lives. Aside from rock-climbing and meditation, he loves asking questions!

Ng Yi Xian
Executive Director @EtonHouse Group
As the Executive Director of the EtonHouse Group, Mr. Ng Yi Xian provides strategic direction and oversees the operations of the EtonHouse schools in Singapore and China. He has been instrumental in the creation of new brands such as the Middleton International School that has changed the face of international education in Singapore. Prior to joining EtonHouse, Yi Xian worked in the finance industry in the United States. He was an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse’s New York Global Industrials Group, where he focused on mergers, acquisitions, and debt and equity financings. Thereafter, Yi Xian joined North Run Capital, a value-driven hedge fund based in Boston, where he sourced, researched, analysed and executed on investments. Yi Xian holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. He is a second-generation entrepreneur, the son of the EtonHouse Founder Mrs. Ng Gim Choo.
Hi All
In today’s podcast I have had the great pleasure of talking to Dr Julia Kim the Program Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan.
Our time was limited so hopefully this is the first of many chats I will have with Dr Kim. We spoke about ‘the Virus’ but also the lessons businesses can learn from the GNH approach especially those focused on a more holistic approach to stakeholder management.
Below are some links to Dr. Julia’s profile and also to more information on Wellbeing and Gross National Happiness.
The RIght Livelihood and GNH Program  http://www.windhorsefarm.org/right-livelihood.html and  
Also see www.gnhcentrebhutan.org for more Info
Dr. Julia Kim's profile:  Julia Kim GNH Centre Bhutan Linked In  
For further information you can always contact us at

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