This is a very short catch up podcast. I just wanted to share with you some things I learnt over the last 2 weeks working with Jake Aliker. 

I wanted to share my personal favourite take aways and life hacks.

First and foremost

‘there is NO substitute for work and preparation’

Whether you have prepared or not, there are some things you can do last minute to boost your performance before a meeting, exam or even a dinner party.

1) 40 mins hard exercise 1hr before you are ‘on’ helps recall

2) A shot of expresso followed by 20min nap/meditation makes u sharp - the coffee will jolt you at the 20 min mark

3) 5 mins Box Breathing reduces anxiety and makes u sharp - better than the cold shower alternative

On a ‘self’ level we all have an inner voice, an ego, which was formed when we were 7-9 years old. It talks to us and persuaded us to act in ‘less mature ways’, identify this voice and reduce its power. Make it speak in different ways. It will give you back control.

This is only 10pc of what I learnt from Jake. It’s what I took from our discussions. But there are many more. I can (and have) act on the above personally and has been a revelation.

I am looking to make incremental changes and the above are easy to adopt.

I recommend to listen to the previous podcasts with Jake and Box Breathing and watch the recording of our live webinar at

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